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domestic scaffolding


Domestic scaffolding

For domestic scaffolding hire, contact Alan Wilks Scaffolding in Evesham.



Complete service

Alan Wilks Scaffolding in Evesham offer the full service – from design to erection and dismantling.

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Working at height safely

Many building projects will require you to work above head height. Working on the roof, windows, chimneys or guttering will require scaffolding to be installed so you can work safely and easily. Currently, UK law specifies that anyone working at height must operate from a secure scaffolding system that has been safely installed from an approved company. Although you could use a ladder, these are only suitable for very small, quick jobs.


Free initial consultation

The cost of the scaffolding will vary for a number of reasons, such as the height and width of the scaffolding needed; how many platforms, and how long you will need it for. The cost will also be affected by any issues such as access to the building – restricted access, or if it is installed over a public highway or road, is likely to increase the cost. Fortunately, we will provide a free initial consultation on any project.

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Expertly installed scaffolding

Scaffolding needs to be expertly installed if it is to be safe and secure. Poorly erected scaffolding is a danger, not only to the tradespeople using it, but also to the public. If it falls it can also damage the property it is supposed to protect. We have been operating for 45 years. We will also have the correct permits for the scaffolding, and we have public liability insurance for £10 million.

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Commercial scaffolding and other services

commercial scaffolding
commercial scaffolding
Commercial Scaffolding
tower scaffolding
tower scaffolding
Scaffold towers
temporary roof structure
temporary roof structure
Temporary Roofs
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Do you need scaffolding for your domestic project?

Contact Alan Wilks Scaffolding in Evesham about domestic scaffolding. We also hire out scaffolding for commercial and industrial purposes.
Tel: 01386 421782
Out of hours: 07487 854277

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