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Temporary Roofs

If you need a temporary roof, then contact Alan Wilks Scaffolding in Evesham. We also provide scaffold towers.



Essential protection

Weather in the UK is becoming increasingly unpredictable and even destructive. A temporary roof is an essential part of protecting your work from the elements.

temporary roof
wrapped scaffolding


Prevent unnecessary delays and costs

Adverse weather can make any construction work difficult and dangerous, and cause delays to your building project, and cause damage to work that has already been completed. Investing in a temporary roof will help protect your building project from the elements, and make a safer and more pleasant working environment for your contractors. Any unexpected delays and complications can also greatly increase the cost of your building project, costing you time and money.


The perfect solution

At Alan Wilks Scaffolding, we have the perfect solution – we can quickly, safely and efficiently erect a temporary roof to protect your project from the elements. Our temporary roof is strong enough to withstand even a powerful storm. To ensure safety further and provide peace of mind, we will regularly inspect your roof and if necessary, repair it to ensure that it protects your building project for as long as it is needed.

corrugated steel panel


A variety of materials

A temporary roof can be built from a variety of materials, and the suitability of the material will depend on the size and type of your building project. We have the experience and knowledge to be able to advise you on the best type of material for your temporary roof. Materials used can include corrugated iron, roof tarpaulins, or even shrink wrap sheeting, which has the advantage of allowing a certain amount of light through.

temporary roof platform


Scaffold towers and other services

domestic scaffolding
domestic scaffolding
Domestic Scaffolding
Scaffolding platform
Scaffolding platform
Scaffold towers
commercial scaffolding
commercial scaffolding
Commercial Scaffolding
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Do you want to protect your project from the elements with a temporary roof?

Call Alan Wilks Scaffolding in Evesham to invest in temporary roofing.
Tel: 01386 421782
Out of hours: 07487 854277

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