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Scaffolding inspections

Make sure your scaffolding stays safe and secure - contact Alan Wilks Scaffolding in Evesham for quality inspections.



Trained scaffolding inspectors

With our trained scaffolding inspectors, you can be sure that your scaffolding is standing up to use and continues to be safe, even under adverse weather conditions.

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Thorough scaffolding inspections

Even after the scaffolding has been erected, we will continue to provide support as we carry out regular scaffolding inspections. Our thorough inspections ensure that the scaffolding is safe to use and poses no hazards to passers-by. After each inspection, we will create a report and hand it to the site manager, which should be kept on site whilst the work is being carried out, then safely stored for a further three months afterwards.


What are scaffold ties?

A scaffold tie is an essential connection that fastens the scaffolding to a building or body to prevent it from collapsing. Elements such as high winds can increase the potential for scaffolds to pull scaffold away from the structures, a tie system enables a resistance to this force.


Why test scaffold ties?

All ties have their strengths and weakness, either in terms of achievable loads or suitability in base materials. Tie testing can help identity and specify the required anchor ties to be used to ensure that the scaffolding does not pull away from the main structure. If ties are installed incorrectly, or even correctly but into a weak material they will be compromised and potentially fail. That is why testing on-site in the correct working conditions is so important and an industry requirement. 

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Digital handover certificate

There are many benefits of reducing paper use, so going forward Alan Wilks Scaffolding Ltd are now submitting all Handover Certificates digitally.


All our operatives are now trained to use a bespoke paperless solution services to digitise all of our Handover Certificates. This not only reduces paper use, it also speeds up the process of handing over scaffolding once complete.

Scaffolding and workers


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Do you want peace of mind about your scaffolding?

Contact Alan Wilks Scaffolding in Evesham for a thorough inspection. 
Tel: 01386 421782 or 07487 854277

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